We’ve all been there: the frustrating cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting to a slow Wi-Fi network. So before you try turning it off and on again, we’ve got a better solution. Let’s explore what is mobile hotspot and how to use mobile hotspot to its fullest. 

A mobile hotspot is a device that acts as a localized Wi-Fi network, relaying a secure internet connection to authorized devices. In other words, you can use a mobile hotspot to connect your devices to the internet in places where Wi-Fi is unavailable. Here’s how: 

How Does Mobile Hotspot Work?

A mobile hotspot converts your cellular LTE data into a Wi-Fi signal, connecting your devices to the internet. This conversion applies to connecting laptops, printers, tablets, and phones – with your permission of course. Your mobile hotspot’s network connection is password-protected, and all of your personal data is encrypted and secure. Once connected to the internet, you can use your device as you normally would. 

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Mobile Hotspot vs Phone Tethering

Have you heard of “tethering” before? Tethering is a type of hotspot that converts your smartphone’s LTE data into an internet connection your other devices can “tether” onto. Tethering is easy and convenient, but it does come with the disadvantages of draining your phone’s battery and mobile data. If you need more out of your hotspot, consider buying a mobile hotspot standalone device. Often called “personal hotspots,” these pocket sized devices can connect up to 30 devices at a time. Personal hotspots are a great option for users who need a more powerful, highly secure internet connection.  

How Can I Use My Phone As a Hotspot

Mobile hotspot tethering is a built-in feature on most smartphones. So long as you have a minimum of 4G LTE service, you can use your phone as a hotspot. Here’s how:

step by step guide on how to use hotspot on iPhone and Android

How to use hotspot on iPhone

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap Personal Hotspot
  • Slide Right to enable
  • Select Allow Others to Join and slide right to enable
  • Switch over to the device you want connected to your hotspot and open the list of Wi-Fi networks
  • Select the name of your iPhone’s hotspot and enter the password to join


How to use hotspot on Android

  • Select Network & Internet
  • Tap Hotspot & Tethering
  • Select Wi-Fi hotspot and slide right to enable
  • Switch over to the device you want connected to your hotspot and open the list of Wi-Fi networks
  • Select the name of your phone’s hotspot and enter the password to join


Benefits of Mobile Hotspot: Portable, Secure, Reliable, and Free on all Ultra Mobile plans

Benefits of Mobile Hotspot

Mobile hotspots are portable

Mobile Hotspot is a great feature for anyone who’s…well, mobile!  You can connect to the internet anywhere a cell signal is available, even in the absence of Wi-Fi. This versatility is essential if you stream, game, and work on-the-go. 

Mobile hotspots are secure

You should be cautious of sending and receiving sensitive information over public Wi-Fi networks. You can avoid the malware and spyware that prey on these unprotected networks altogether by using your password-protected mobile hotspot.

Mobile hotspots are reliable

Still can’t load that webpage? When the Wi-Fi goes down, turn the hotspot up! As long as you have a cell signal, your phone or personal hotspot device will convert your LTE data into a secure and dependable internet connection for your devices. 

Mobile hotspot is free on all Ultra Mobile plans

Every Ultra Mobile plan includes free Mobile Hotspot. You can share your internet connection with up to 15 devices, and you’re not just limited to your phone. You can connect to your Ultra Mobile Hotspot using your laptop or tablet with non-stop access to the internet. 

So to Recap…

A mobile hotspot refers to a localized Wi-Fi network created from your LTE data. Most smartphones have a built-in hotspot tethering feature that “tethers” your other devices to the internet. There are also standalone personal hotspot devices, which provide a faster, more secure connection. Finally, all Ultra Mobile Plans include free Mobile Hotspot, available to share with up to 15 devices.