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Save More with a Family Plan

Get up to 4 lines of Unlimited data for as low as $24/mo when you add-a-line

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How Family Plan Works


Get the first line with a 1-Month Unlimited Plan for $49/mo.


Add up to 4 additional 1-Month Unlimited Plans for only $24/mo per line.


Activate your first line, then activate the remaining lines.


Easily manage all lines under one account on the website or in the app.

Build Your Family Plan

Select the number of lines and SIM typequestion mark for each line.

Line 1: 1-Month Unlimited Plan
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Line 2: 1-Month Unlimited Plan
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Save $25
Add-a-Line for $24/mo

Minimum of 2 lines | Maximum of 5 lines

You've reached the maximum of 5 lines added!
Subtotal: $73
Total savings $25

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You can only have a maximum of 5 items. By adding a Family Plan to your cart, any existing cart items you have will be removed.


Stay Connected to Friends and Family Worldwide

All Ultra plans come with free Unlimited Talk and Text to 90+ international destinations.

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    All plans include free 5G on the T-Mobile Network.

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Have Questions? We Have Answers

Once you’ve established a Primary line, that line will then add Secondary lines to create an Ultra Mobile Family Plan. New customers can be activated and added as Secondary lines and existing Ultra Mobile customers can be invited to join an Ultra Mobile Family Plan.

You can manage your Family account in your account online, or through the Ultra Mobile App.

First, get the First Line with a 1-Month Unlimited Plan for $49/mo. Second, add up to 4 additional 1-Month Unlimited plans for only $24/mo per line. Third, activate your first line, then activate the remaining lines. Lastly, easily manage all lines under one account on the website or in the app More info can be found here:

The first line is $49/mo, but each line after that (up to 4) is only $24/mo per line. That is $25 of savings per plan, and you can save up to $100 a month with a Family Plan if you purchase all four additional lines.

To start a family account, you need to be on a 1-Month Unlimited Plan. To add any current Ultra subscriber to your Family Account, they can be on any plan as long as they are either in the last month of that plan cycle, or they are on a 1-Month plan. After a Secondary Line is added to the family, they will eventually be converted to the same plan that the Primary Line is on, but with the Add-A-Line discount. The 1-Month Unlimited Plan is the only plan that is currently eligible for the Family Account.

The Primary Line manages and pays the monthly cost for the entire family. The Primary Line can also add or remove Secondary Line(s) from the Family Account. The Primary is responsible for managing the family and making sure that the renewals are paid on time so that every line in the family can remain active.
The Secondary Line can remove themself from the Family Account, and the Secondary Line can also pay their renewal cost every month if they so choose. The Primary is ultimately responsible to pay the outstanding renewal balance each month, but each Secondary line can theoretically pay their own monthly cost if they want to, but they can ONLY pay for their own line.

Within 24 hours of activation, a Secondary Line can initially decline being added to the account via text message. After a Secondary Line has been activated, you can still remove them from the Family by either visiting your local Ultra Mobile Retailer for assistance, or you can log in to your account online or in the Ultra Mobile App and remove the Secondary Line yourself under the “Manage Family” tab.

Customers looking to create an Ultra Mobile Family Plan must start with our 40GB Unlimited plan. Any user subscribed to our 40GB Unlimited plan for $49/month can add up to four secondary lines for just $24/month each. Existing Ultra customers can switch to our 40GB unlimited plan to create an Ultra Mobile Family Plan or new customers can activate on the 40GB Unlimited plan and create a Ultra Mobile Family Plan.   

To make a payment to your Family Account you can either:

-Visit your local Ultra Mobile Retailer

– Log in to your Ultra Mobile account online or in the app and click on “Make a Payment”

Only the Primary Account can have Auto Renew on. Secondary Accounts can’t have Auto Renew.

Any Ultra Customer, new or existing, can sign up for Family Plan and have a Primary or Secondary Account.

All lines must be on the Unlimited Single-Month Plan.

The entire balance, for all lines, must be paid by the due date or all the lines will be suspended.

Ultra Mobile's Family Plan: The Perfect Plan for Every Family Member

Explore Ultra Mobile's Family Plan, where wireless essentials meet family-friendly flexibility. Our plans include Wi-Fi Calling & Text, and Unlimited Talk & Text, all on the nation's largest 5G network - with no contracts or commitments. The Family Plan, featured exclusively on our $49 1-Month Unlimited Plan, allows you to add up to 4 additional lines at just $24/mo each, perfect for keeping the whole family connected. Find these plans online or at a Retailer near you. Our prepaid mobile plans also come with added benefits like Free Mobile Hotspot, Free 3-in-1 SIM Card or eSIM, and Free Unlimited Global Text. Plus, enjoy international calling options to over 90 INTL countries. Whether you want to start your family on Unlimited or Unlimited+, our Family Plan will cater to every member's needs. Thinking of switching wireless providers? Ultra Mobile's Family Plan is tailored for you and your loved ones.