Trouble Calling Internationally

Check your Account Balance
A common cause of problems with international calling is a lack of account funds. Here are 4 easy ways to check your account balance:
1. Log Into Your Online Account: Logging in online is the easiest way to get information related to your account, and you can access it at any time.
2. Text BALANCE to 6700: You will receive a text message with all account balance information.
3. Call Customer Care: Dial 611 from your Ultra Mobile phone to ask a Customer Care representative about your account balance.
4. Visit a Ultra Mobile Store: Check our Store Locator to find the closest Ultra Mobile retailer. You’ll be able to get any necessary information about your account in person.
Check the Country Code and Intl Number You’re Dialing
Another common cause of problems with international calling is an incorrect country code. Please make sure that you are dialing 00_ or + before the international number that you intend to call.