Does the $39 Plan with uTalk come with INTL Call Credit?
No, uTalk is designed to enable calling above and beyond our 80+ Unlimited International Destinations and is provided instead of INTL Call Credit. Users who do not want to call the 39 uTalk Destinations can purchase any of our other plans to receive generous amounts of INTL Call Credit.

How many numbers can I call with uTalk?
Each month, you can call up to 10 unique phone numbers across any of the 39 uTalk destinations. You can continue to call those 10 numbers throughout the course of the month, but cannot call any additional new numbers. This resets each time your plan renews so you can call the same 10, 10 new numbers, or a combination of same and new numbers up to 10.

Can I call multiple uTalk countries?
Yes, you can use uTalk minutes to call any of the uTalk destinations. As you use your uTalk bonus minutes, all remaining minutes are adjusted, even those to destinations you may not be calling. You can view your currently remaining bonus minutes to each destination by logging into Account Management and clicking Check next to your uTalk balance.

If I run out of uTalk minutes, can I purchase more?
Yes, you can add funds to your Ultra Wallet by going online, texting 6700, calling our Care team or by visiting an Ultra Retailer. Once funded, your Wallet balance will allow you to continue calling at that destination’s per minute rate (which can be found using our online rate checker here). Do not purchase UpINTL as they will not be redeemable to continue calling uTalk destinations and can only be used for non uTalk destinations.

How can I check my remaining uTalk minutes?
You can view your remaining bonus minutes to all 39 uTalk destinations by logging into Account Management and clicking Check next to your uTalk balance.