What are the fees and taxes associated with my Ultra Mobile plan?

Subtotal: Total cost of the products being purchased before any taxes, fees, surcharges, or shipping & handling costs are applied.

Recovery Fee: The Recovery Fee is assessed to help recover Ultra Mobile’s costs to administer and comply with various federal and state programs, taxes and fees. For purchases made at Ultra Mobile indirect retailer locations, it also helps recover Ultra Mobile’s cost of contributing to those programs. For purchases made at www.ultramobile.com, the Recovery Fee includes a flat fee per transaction to help recover other administrative fees. Click here for more information.

Taxes & Surcharges: Federal, state, municipal, local and/or other governmental franchise, excise, public utility and other telecommunications taxes, fees and charges we collect to remit to the government. Click here for more information.

Shipping & Handling: Depends on the shipping option chosen at checkout.