What is the Recovery fee?

The Recovery Fee is assessed to help recover Ultra Mobile’s costs to administer and comply with various federal and state programs, taxes and fees. For purchases made at Ultra Mobile indirect retailer locations, it also helps recover Ultra Mobile’s cost of contributing to those programs. For purchases made at www.ultramobile.com, the Recovery Fee includes a flat fee per transaction to help recover other administrative fees.

The Recovery Fee incorporates several fees, including but not limited to the Federal Universal Service Fund Fee, State Universal Service Fund Fees, and 9-1-1 Fees, each of which contributes to government programs that help the communities we serve. Those programs include making phone and internet service available in underserved areas, funding emergency telecommunications and 911 services and providing discounted services to schools and libraries.

Is the Recovery Fee unique to Ultra Mobile?
It is common in the wireless industry for subscribers to pay taxes, fees and surcharges in addition to their monthly service costs, with customers of the “Big Four” mobile operators sometimes paying more than 25% on top of their monthly plans.

Recovery Fee Schedule

Wallet Loads and One-time Add-on Purchases
The fee is $0.50 on charges $10.00 or less
The fee is $1.00 on charges greater than $10.00

Monthly Plans
The fee is $1.00 per month of service purchased.

For example, a customer purchasing a 3 month 1 GB Multi-Month plan would pay $48.00 for service plus a $3.00 Recovery Fee. A customer purchasing a Single-Month $19 plan would pay $19.00 for service plus a $1.00 Recovery Fee.

Pre-funded SIMs purchased at www.ultramobile.com
A flat fee per transaction of 2.5% will also be applied to help recover other administrative fees.