Flex Features

Included Features for Even More Value

Huge Savings for Families and Individuals

Ultra Flex Family and Ultra Flex pricing rewards you for buying your wireless in bulk—the more lines or months you add to your plan, the more you save!

We're taking prepaid to the next level with long-term savings on the wireless coverage you or your family will need this month, next month and for months to come.

Unlimited Talk & Global Text

All of our Ultra Flex Family and Ultra Flex plans include: Unlimited Nationwide Talk and Global Text

Unlimited international talk to our Flex 15 Destinations:
= Includes mobile

Need to call outside of our Flex 15 Destinations? You can easily add INTL calling credits at any time.

Rollover 4G LTE Data

Easily add additional 4G LTE data to your plan on demand for as little as $5! Your unused data rolls over from month to month, so you never pay for data you don’t use. If you have an Ultra Flex Family plan, this data will be shared by every line on your account.

Family Formation

Up to five lines can be included in an Ultra Flex Family plan. You can invite family members to join your plan with a special invite code that links their Ultra Flex Family SIM cards to your account. Members of your Ultra Flex Family plan can be added or removed as you go along. Members of the family have the option of paying for their own lines, or all lines can be paid for by your plan’s parent.

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Shareable Data and INTL Credits

In Ultra Flex Family plans, all 4G LTE data and INTL credits are shared among all members of your family plan. Your plan’s parent may enable or disable members from using shareable credit. All members of the family can contribute to these pooled credits at any time.

Lock In Savings With Auto Recharge

Ultra Flex Family and Ultra Flex customers can choose our Auto Recharge feature for hassle-free automated payments and immediate savings. Choosing Auto Recharge lets you lock in our lowest rates from month to month. it’s the easy way to pay—and save.

Even More Ultra Features

Because Ultra Flex Family and Ultra Flex are part of the Ultra Mobile family of plans, you'll also get these features at no additional cost:

INTL Roaming With UpRoam

You can use your phone while traveling around the world with our INTL Roaming feature! With UpRoam, you pay just $0.25 per minute to make and receive calls while roaming internationally, and just $0.05 to send an SMS text (receiving SMS text messages is free while roaming outside the US). You can add UpRoam international roaming credits at any time, starting from just $5. Unused credits never expire and are yours to keep month after month!

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WiFi Calling & Text

If you’re in an area with unpredictable coverage, like a basement, you can connect to the nearest WiFi hotspot and use your phone to call or text over WiFi!

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INTL Calling Beyond Our Flex 15 Destinations

Need international talk to areas outside of our exclusive Flex 15 Destinations? You can easily add call anywhere credits on demand starting from just $5. Because your credits roll over, unused INTL balances are yours to keep from month to month and never expire!

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