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Ultra Mobile Now Offering Free International Calling Alongside Global SMS

“When I profiled Ultra Mobile, virtual operator serving foreign nationals living in the U.S., I was most impressed…”

posted by GigaOM
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MVNO Ultra Mobile Adds Free International Calling to Select Countries On All Plans

“T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile has added a new perk to all service plans”

posted by Phone News
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Sink or SIM! Ultra Mobile Debuts Ultra Zero

Free International Calling to 1.5 Billion People
International Calls to Canada, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore now Zero Cents per Minute for All Subscribers;
Company also Slashes International Calling Rates to India, Haiti, Nigeria, Poland.

posted by Ultra Mobile
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Want to text internationally without an app? Ultra Mobile’s got your number

If you ever want to feel ripped off, try sending an SMS to a foreign phone number. MVNO Ultra Mobile, however, is killing one of the industry’s most sacred cows by making all international messaging free.

posted by GigaOM
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Ultra’s Erin Anderson to Speak about Successful MVNOs: The Key to Partnering, Marketing and Distributing a New Prepaid Brand

“At the upcoming Prepaid Press Expo, Ultra’s VP of Indirect Sales will share how Ultra plays and wins in a mature smartphone environment with postpaid providers offering flashy phones at low cost and free texting. She will address what the company does to capture segments of the general population, build loyalty, and market its brand.”

posted by The Prepaid Press
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Ultra Mobile Offers $19 Monthly Plan

“Well, the economy might be rosy for some, but for the most of us, we are still feeling the squeeze from increases in the cost of living, and hence here we are with an alternative mobile plan (from Ultra) for those who need to save as much as possible, with a $19 monthly plan.”

posted by Ubergizmo
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Ultra Mobile Unveils $19 Calling Plan with Unlimited International Texts

“Bring-your-own-SIM operator Ultra Mobile unveiled a new affordable calling plan that also packs unlimited international messaging to 194 countries. Available for $19 per month, this plan comes with 250 voice minutes with $1.25 toward international calling, as well as 50MB of mobile data.”

posted by IntoMobile
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Ultra Mobile Debuts $19 Plan with Unlimited International SMS

“If you’re living on a tight budget but still need to keep in touch with loved ones who live abroad, you’ll be glad to know of a new calling plan from Ultra Mobile.”

posted by Engadget
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MVNO Ultra Mobile Intros $19/month Calling Option

“…US MVNO Ultra Mobile tomorrow will take the wraps off its new $19 per month service plan with hopes that the new, low price will entice new subscribers to the company’s service.”

posted by Fierce Wireless
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Ultra CEO David Glickman quoted in “Top Trends for 2013”

NFIB identifies trends, technology and areas of growth: In 2013, an untold number of trends, technologies and tactics will change the way you your run your business…

1. Mobile
It’s no secret that our mobile devices are changing the way we relax, work and generate a profit. But they could also be an area of growth for your business, or provide the market space in which to launch.“The mobile technology industry is one of the fastest-growing fields and offers independent wireless dealers tremendous potential,” says David Glickman, CEO of Ultra Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator. At the same time, he says, “the mobile wallet is on the horizon and will enable wireless phone users to send money abroad, pay bills, make purchases online or in person—all with their cell phones. Being able to provide customers with advice and services in the mobile world is…the field for 2013.”

posted by National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)
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