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Ultra Mobile Introduces Call Me Free, a Landmark in Mobile Communications, empowering Anyone in 44 Countries to Call Ultra Customers for Free

Ultra MobileTM, a wireless phone carrier and mobile money platform that enhances the quality of life for its customers, today at the MVNOs Industry Summit in Dallas introduced Call Me Free, its service that provides local access numbers to anyone located outside of the United States to call the company’s subscribers in the United States for free. Anyone abroad can use Call Me Free access numbers to call any Ultra Mobile subscriber on their mobile phone. Like the company’s unlimited global texting service, Call Me Free comes standard with all Ultra Mobile plans, including the company’s no-contract $29-a-month offering…

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Ultra Mobile to offer Call Me Free service

Since Ultra’s focus is on customers located in the U.S. but with family and friends overseas, any other T-Mobile MVNO … can hardly be its direct opponent.

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Ultra Mobile Announces “Call Me Free” – Free Calls to Your Phone From 44 Countries

Ultra already offered a lot to users with a need to communicate internationally; low international voice rates, no extra cost international texting and up to $20 per month in free international call credit. Call Me Free makes the service even more attractive to international users…

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T-Mobile Powers MVNO Focused on International Calling

UltraMobile focuses on one particular underserved niche (particularly in the U.S.): SIM-only, bring-your-own-device services. U.S. prepaid users often have a focus on making international calls—‘back home,’ if you will—but prepaid operators are also moving strongly to offering unlimited domestic calling, so bundling the two makes sense. ….throwing in data as an option makes sense, as does its plans to offer smartphone-enabled mobile payments with a focus on the types of mobile money services the ‘unbanked’ need—such person-to-person money transfers. UltraMobile represents a textbook case of an MVNO leveraging a variety of mobile technologies, services and devices in a new way to target an underserved niche in a very targeted manner. – Rich Karpinski, Yankee Group

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New T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile is a Good Deal for International Callers and Pay As You Go Data Fans

New T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile is a good deal for international callers and Pay As You Go data fans…. Ultra’s PAYGO plan looks like a winner. The data pricing is the best I’ve seen from any operator and is the first reasonably priced pay as you go data from a GSM operator. I’d say that if you make international calls, Ultra is both more convenient and the better deal (than Simple). Another good deal is Ultra’s $29 Unlimited Talk & Text Plan, which is lowest I’ve seen for unlimited with a US GSM carrier. – Yeswap, Prepaid Phone News

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T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile Launches Service with an International Calling Focus

Provides non-VoIP international calling for $0.02 per minute to 70 countries and calling to 194 countries and eliminates calling card hassle…

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Prepaid wireless provider offers 1000 minutes of international calling

Ultra Mobile, a new wireless provider, is sweetening its unlimited offer with 1000 minutes a month of international calling time.
– JP Mello, Tech Hive

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Ultra Mobile offers $49 monthly unlimited plan

“Power, unlimited power!” is a line from a Star Wars film that we are all familiar with, the one where Anakin Skywalker turned to the Dark Side of the Force. Well, when it comes to mobile users, we would love to have one thing – an unlimited plan at a pocket-friendly price, and Ultra Mobile might have just achieved that with their latest $49 monthly plan, targeting folks who make international calls frequently. – Edwin Kee, Ubergizmo

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The emergence of niche MVNOs

…many (MVNO) players (such as Ultra)… are wisely looking to parts of the market that are currently underserved by today’s network operators. That’s why they’re far more likely to succeed…

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Ultra Mobile Unveils New Standard in Wireless Industry with First $49-a-Month Unlimited US Talk, Text, 4G Data Plan to Include 1000 Minutes of Free International Calls

Ultra MobileTM, a wireless phone and mobile money platform that enhances the quality of life for its customers, today launched the only unlimited US voice, text and 4G data mobile phone service at $49-a-month that includes up to 1000 minutes of free direct-dial international calls and unlimited text to 194 countries. With Ultra Mobile’s first-in-class plans, customers can use a SIM card on virtually any unlocked mobile phone to access the company’s nationwide GSM network. Ultra Mobile is eliminating the need for calling cards and global texting add-ons by including international communication as standard on all of its no-contract mobile plans. Ultra Mobile plans are designed to appeal to anyone looking for inexpensive wireless service, especially the frequent international caller. In addition, the company intends to utilize its wireless platform to offer customers convenient mobile money services for paying bills, making purchases, and sending money worldwide. These mobile money services complement Ultra Mobile’s international offering and offer further conveniences to several of the company’s target customers — immigrants, students from abroad or extended visitors to the United States…

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