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Get Even More From Your Ultra Plan!

Ultra is bringing some wonderful new features to our subscribers! We are introducing more great benefits and amazing user options for Ultra subscribers, including International Roaming, WiFi Talk & Text, plus a whole NEW way to save on calls to the Philippines! Here’s a closer look at our new Ultra features.

International Roaming

Exciting News: There’s now a way to use your Ultra phone while travelling internationally! We are pleased to announce that International Roaming is a feature on all Ultra plans, with current subscribers getting a new one-time International Roaming credit at no additional charge! Ultra subscribers will pay just $0.25 cents per minute to make and receive calls while roaming internationally, and just $0.05 to send an SMS text message from outside of the US. The cost will be deducted from the subscriber’s International Roaming balance. It’s a new way to experience more freedom with Ultra!

If you are a current Ultra subscriber – even if you’re on a plan that’s been discontinued – you’ll receive a one-time International Roaming balance on the first day of your next billing cycle. New subscribers who join Ultra after November 15, 2016, will have their one-time Roaming credit available on the first day of their activation. Unused roaming credit carries over from month to month, and does not expire! Also, please note that International Roaming credit cannot be used to pay for roaming within the United States.

Here are the one-time International Roaming credits that will be added to each currently-available Ultra plan:

$19 plan: $5.00
$24 plan: $10.00
$29 plan: $10.00
$34 plan: $10.00
$39 plan: $10.00
$44 plan: $15.00
$49 plan: $15.00 *
$54 plan: $15.00
$59 plan: $15.00 *
*Ultra’s $49 and $59 plans have been discontinued and are not accepting new customers


Want to add more money to your International Roaming balance? Do it with UpRoam!

Just as with UpINTL, UpRoam allows Ultra subscribers to add money to their International Roaming balance in amounts of $5, $10 or $20 at a time. Subscribers can UpRoam by logging into their account online, paying in person at an Ultra retail location, or calling Customer Care at 888-777-0446. As mentioned before, roaming credit carries over from month to month and does not expire!

Your roaming balance shows the exact dollar amount that is available for use toward International Roaming, and is easily viewed by visiting your online account. Please note that there will be NO notifications or warnings sent for a low roaming balance.

As mentioned above, if you became an Ultra subscriber before November 15, 2016, your one-time International Roaming credit will appear in your account on the first day of your next billing cycle. If you’ll need roaming credit before your next billing cycle begins, please note that you are free to purchase your own roaming credit through UpRoam anytime after November 15, 2016!

WiFi Talk & Text

There’s another new feature for Ultra subscribers with select Android phones: WiFi Talk & Text! This allows you to use a WiFi network to make or receive calls and text messages. If you’re ever in an area with limited coverage – like in a basement, or in an older building made with materials that block out signal – just connect to a WiFi hotspot, and you’ll be able to call or text using WiFi! If you’re traveling abroad and have secure access to a WiFi signal, you can use WiFi calling to make phone calls without spending any of your Roaming credit!

Please note that regular per-minute charges still apply for WiFi calls. As of November 15, 2016, Ultra Mobile’s WiFi Calling is available on many Android phones.

Before you can use WiFi calling, you must register an e911 address on your account. The prompt for e911 address registration will appear automatically for new Ultra Mobile subscribers during their online activation.

Two things are required for WiFi Talk & Text to work: The right Android phone, and the right type of SIM card. If your SIM card can’t support WiFi Talk & Text, you will be informed when you go to register your e911 address. If we find that your SIM card cannot make WiFi calls, you will immediately see information on how to request a replacement SIM that supports WiFi Talk & Text.

Globe Unlimited

If you’re an Ultra customer who regularly calls the Philippines, you need to know about Globe Unlimited! This is a new service offered by Ultra that allows unlimited calling to up to 5 different Philippine phone numbers that terminate on the Globe Network, all for only $10 extra on your plan! Instead of paying 9¢ per minute for mobiles and 7¢ per minute for landlines, you’ll pay a flat fee of just $10 for unlimited calling to 5 different phone numbers within the Globe Network in the Philippines. You can add Globe Unlimited for a single month, or make it a recurring charge. All current Ultra subscribers can add Globe Unlimited, and of course all customers who add Globe Unlimited to their account will still receive the unlimited international calling and other benefits included on their current Ultra Mobile plan. If you call the Philippines regularly by dialing to 5 or fewer Globe Network phone numbers, this is a fantastic way to save even more money with Ultra!

If you’ve got questions about any of these new features, feel free to contact us at any time. You can chat online with a representative by clicking the LiveChat box in the lower right hand corner, send us an email at, or call our Customer Care line at 888-777-0446.