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What is a Broadband Label?

April 9, 2024

Broadband Labels are a set of guidelines that require internet and wireless service providers to…

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Why is a Broadband Label needed?

The FCC has mandated that all wireless providers must display these labels at the point…

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Where can I find Ultra’s Broadband Labels?

You can find them by visiting:

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What information is included on the Broadband Labels?

The labels provide a quick snapshot of important plan information, such as cost, data limits,…

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How can I check if my devices will work when the 2G networks shut down?

January 3, 2024

To ensure your service is not interrupted, you can check whether your device is compatible-…

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When is the 2G network shutting down?

We will begin shutting down older 2G networks starting April 2, 2024 to open up…

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How do I know if I’m using Domestic Roaming?

December 28, 2023

You can reference the Network Indicator on your device to see if you are using…

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What is Domestic Roaming?

Domestic Roaming allows Ultra Mobile customers to use their service in the U.S. while outside…

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Where can I view a coverage map that shows areas of Domestic Roaming?

You can visit to view our coverage map which includes areas of Domestic Roaming.

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Once I’ve used all of my Domestic Roaming for the month, can I add more?

No, once you’ve used all of your monthly Voice, SMS or data of Domestic Roaming…

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