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Does Ultra Mobile support RCS (Rich Communications Services)?

Yes. Just follow these easy steps:

1) Visit the Google Play Store

2) Search “Messages” by Google LLC

3) Download and open the Messages app

4) When prompted to change your default messaging app, follow the onscreen instructions, and click “yes” to make it your default browser

5) Go into your device settings to enable the Chat feature

With RCS, Android users now have access to key features that Apple’s iMessage users have had for years, including read receipts that tell users when people they’re chatting with have seen their messages, the ability to send richer media, like high-resolution images, and typing bubbles that let users see when the person they’re chatting with is typing a message.

Note: RCS only applies to Android 6.0 and up. RCS requires a data connection (either WiFi or cellular). Both the sender and the recipient must have RCS enabled in order to send messages through RCS.