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How can I make my data last while traveling Internationally?

1. If you can, a few weeks or months before your trip, incrementally add International Roaming Credit to your account if you know you will need a lot of data.

2. You can also make sure to connect to Wi-Fi any chance you get during your trip to avoid using your data.

3. In order to avoid tapping into your data while out and about, when connected to Wi-Fi, download what you’ll need/want to have for your trip such as directions, videos, music, etc.

4. When possible, turn on airplane mode to ensure you are not unconsciously using background data.

5. Keep an eye on your data! Data use can sneak up on you faster than you may realize; make a point to check in a few times a day to stay on top of it.

6. Leverage Wi-Fi Calling whenever possible. If you are connected to Wi-Fi, this feature lets you call and text friends and family in the U.S. for free. Learn more about Wi-Fi Calling.

7. If you expect to need a lot of data while overseas or will be in an area where Wi-Fi connections aren’t a sure thing, purchasing a local SIM card when you arrive at your destination can be a good option to avoid roaming charges.