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Introducing Add-a-Line

Save up to $100/month with Add-a-Line when you add 1 or more Unlimited 1-Month Plans to an existing account.

Exclusively at an Ultra Mobile store near you!

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Talk & Text + 40GB Data

24 / MO

Two customers using their smart phones.

Limited to five (5) lines. May not be combined with other offers. $24/mo for addt’l lines only. Addt’l lines may pay more than $24 in first 30 days but will receive prorated account credit for 2nd cycle. “Unlimited” means speeds will be reduced after 40GB of high-speed data or during times of network congestion. Videos stream at ~480p. Addt’l taxes, fees & restrictions apply. See full terms.

How to get the lowest price on Unlimited

Each Unlimited Plan comes with 40GB of high-speed data per line and Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Text & Data.

Step 1

Visit a local Ultra Mobile Store

Visit a local Ultra Mobile Store.

Step 2

Primary purchases Line 1 for $49/mo

Primary purchases Line 1 for $49/mo.

Step 3

Set up your Primary Account

Set up your Primary Account.

Step 4

Add up to 4 additional lines for just $24/mo

Add up to 4 additional lines for just $24/mo.

Save up to $100/month with Add-a-Line

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We've got all your favorite features

All plans include everything you want in wireless at the best value.

  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Text & Data *

  • High Speed 5G • 4G LTE Data

  • 免费享受全美国最大的5G手机网络信号覆盖

  • 免费WiFi通话及短信功能

  • 免费无限量全球短信

  • 免费移动热点功能

  • 免费无限量国际长途通话拨打80多个国家和地区

5G • 4G LTE Data access requires a capable device & SIM w/in appropriate coverage area. 5G capability included at no extra cost. Actual availability, speed, and coverage may vary. WiFi Calling & Text requires a capable device.

还有问题? 我们有解决办法。

此优惠只能在Ultra Mobile的当地零售商处获得。请访问查找您附近的零售商,他们会帮您创建和管理一个新的Add-a-Line账户。

任何Ultra 客户,无论是新客户还是老客户,都可以加入Add-a-Line添加线路,并拥有一个主账户或次账户。 所有线路必须是Unlimited单月计划。目前只能造访Ultra Mobile零售商来加入。要寻找离您最近的Ultra Mobile零售商,请点击这里

此优惠只适用于Single-Month Unlimited套餐。



如要为多线账户付款,您可以: – 访问您当地的Ultra Mobile 零售商 – 登录您的Ultra Mobile 账户,点击”Renew”进行付款。

是的,次账户持有人可以为应付总余额付款。 如要付款,请造访当地的Ultra Mobile零售商,或登录您的 account,点击”Renew”进行付款。



在次级手机线被激活后的24小时内,主要手机线或该次级手机线都可以通过短信拒绝该次级手机线被添加到账户中。之后,请访问您当地的Ultra Mobile零售商,他们将很高兴为您提供帮助。

加购Ultra的Add-a-Line服务 – 每月只需$24即可获得我们的Unlimited Single-Month无限单月套餐。操作简单:只需已经拥有Unlimited Single-Month套餐的主账户加购最多4条手机线。此优惠只能在Ultra Mobile的当地零售商处获得。请访问查找您附近的零售商。

Ultra Mobile has everything you want in a multi-line phone plan

Add-a-Line from Ultra Mobile is the easiest way to add a line to your existing Ultra Mobile Unlimited 1-month phone plan. If you’re looking for multi-line phone plans for the family, you’ve come to the right place. Not looking for a phone plan for the family? Add-a-Line is great for friend groups as well. If you have friends that are like family, Add-a-Line is the best way to get a great deal on 2 line, 3 line or 4 line phone plans, up to a total of 5 lines.

Add-a-Line was design for families and friend groups looking for deals on phone plans who are willing to go in on a 2 line, 3 line, or 4 line phone plan. With Add-a-Line, each subscriber can have their own Ultra Mobile Unlimited 1-Month phone plan. To get started, all you have to do is establish who will be the Primary Account. It can be an existing Ultra Mobile Unlimited phone plan subscriber, or a new Ultra Mobile subscriber who has recently activated an Unlimited 1-Month Plan. Once that’s decided, the Primary can add a phone line to the Primary Account (up to 4 additional lines). Add-a-Line allows you to save on a multi-line phone plan with Unlimited 1-Month phone plans for $24/month per line on up to 4 additional lines.

Add-a-Line provides heavily discounted phone plans as well as the added benefit of never having to share data on phone plans for two. The Primary may add up to 4 additional phone lines and no has to share data. Plus, Ultra Mobile runs on T-Mobile 5G Network, so everyone looking for a minimum of 2 line cell phone plans can enjoy excellent coverage, 40GB of high-speed 5G data, and the best deal on phone plans for friends and family.