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Ultra Mobile’s New Year Refresh

It’s a New Year, and a new Ultra Mobile! 2017 has brought some major updates to Ultra Mobile, and we’re here to give you all the details on these changes. Read on, and find all the information you’ll need on the great new benefits from Ultra Mobile!

Data Throttle Speed Changes (DataXtra)

We’ve got a wonderful new feature for all Ultra Mobile subscribers on a currently-sold unlimited data plan: Starting January 4, 2017, you’ll enjoy high-speed data even after you’ve exhausted your 4G LTE data!

Before now, unlimited data plans would reduce speeds below 3G after all of the 4G LTE data was used. Now, after your 4G LTE data is used, your data speed will move to 3G! All subscribers on the currently-sold Ultra Mobile $29 plan will get 1 GB of the 3G data after all of their 4G has been used, and subscribers on a currently-sold Ultra Mobile plan that’s $34 or more per month will get 2 GB of 3G data after all of their 4G has been used.

Please note: Once you’ve used all of your 3G data, your data will be throttled.

More 4G LTE Data For $24 Subscribers

We’ve got some exciting news for $24 Ultra Mobile subscribers: More 4G LTE data!

As of January 4, 2017, Ultra Mobile’s $24 plan will include 500MB of 4G LTE data every month – that’s another 400 MB of 4G data each month at no extra cost! You’ll enjoy speedier data for a longer time, and the price of your plan stays exactly the same. Ultra Mobile subscribers who are already on the $24 plan will start getting the monthly 500MB of 4G LTE data on their first monthly renewal date after January 4, 2017. For example, if your renewal date is the 10th of the month, you’ll get 500MB of data on January 10, 2017. If your renewal date is the 1st of the month, you’ll get the additional data starting February 1, 2017.

Data Speed Switch

All Ultra Mobile customers who joined before September 1, 2016, and are still operating at “Full Speed” data will be automatically shifted to “Optimized” data speed! Don’t worry – you can switch to other data speeds at any time. We just want to make sure every Ultra Mobile subscriber gets a firsthand look at how much data they can save with virtually no change to their user experience. With Data My Way, you’ll conserve your data and get more enjoyment from your phone! If you’d rather use a speed other than Optimized, you can change at any time (and as often as you’d like) by visiting

Ultra Mobile $45 Plan

We are thrilled to introduce the Ultra Mobile $45 plan, available starting January 4, 2017! This plan includes 7GB of High-Speed data. This includes 5GB of 4G LTE data and 2 GB of 3G data each month, making it a great choice for customers who use large amounts of data. For subscribers who call Mexico, Canada, China or Hong Kong and are heavy data users, Ultra Mobile’s new $45 plan is a perfect fit.

Here’s everything included on the new $45 Ultra Mobile plan:

  • Unlimited Talk to the US and 30+ International Destinations
  • Unlimited Global Text
  • Unlimited Data with 5GB of 4G LTE and 2GB at 3G
  • $15 One-Time International Roaming Credit

Ultra Mobile $49 Plan

We are pleased to present the NEW Ultra Mobile $49 plan! This newly-revamped plan includes everything that our $54 plan offered, so it’s really like getting the Ultra Mobile $54 plan for $5 less! If you are already on the $54 plan, you will be getting the same service you always had, but you’ll only be charged $49 per month starting on your first billing date after January 4, 2017.

Here’s what’s included on the NEW Ultra Mobile $49 plan:

  • Unlimited Talk to the US and 30+ International Destinations
  • Unlimited Global Text
  • Unlimited Data with 2GB of 4G LTE and 2GB at 3G
  • $20 Call Anywhere Credit
  • $15 One-Time International Roaming Credit

Please note – all Ultra Mobile subscribers who joined the $49 plan before January 4, 2017 are welcome to change plans in order to get the benefits of the NEW $49 plan. You can make the switch starting on January 4, 2017 by logging into your account at

Please note that NEW $49 plan does not include the UltraZero feature from the older $49 plan.

If you’ve got questions about any of these new features, feel free to contact us at any time. You can chat online with a representative by clicking the LiveChat box in the lower right hand corner, send us an email at, or call our Customer Care line at 888-777-0446.