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Why Ultra?

With affordable, reliable, and flexible plans, we provide everything you want in wireless for less so that you can stay connected to your world, without compromise.

What Sets Us Apart

Flexible Purchase Options

Whether you want to purchase online or prefer in-store help, Ultra has you covered.

Multi-Month Plans

We offer 1, 3, 6, & 12-month plans. The more you buy, the more you save.

Flexible Data Options

We offer data options ranging from 250MB all the way to Unlimited, allowing you to customize your wireless experience.

Reliability on the T-Mobile 5G Network

Stay connected with coverage you can trust on America’s largest and fastest growing 5G network. Currently, T-Mobile’s 4G LTE reaches 99% of Americans and their 5G network reaches 98% and growing.

No Hidden Fees

No contracts, hidden fees or activation fees.

Free International Features

We make it affordable for you to stay in touch with loved ones you have abroad.

Get All Your Wireless Needs for Less

Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

  • Prepaid plan prices
    accurate as of 4/16/24
  • 250MB
  • 3GB
  • 5GB
  • 10GB
  • 15GB
  • Unlimited
  • $15/mo
  • $19/mo
  • $24/mo
  • $29/mo
  • $39/mo
  • $49/mo
  • $30/mo
  • $40/mo
  • $55/mo ! Cricket’s Unlimited Plan may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. Hotspot unavailable.
  • $75/mo ! Verizon Unlimited does not slow data speeds. Hotspot. Mobile hotspot available as an addon.
  • $50/mo (4GB)
  • $65.99/mo ! AT&T Unlimited Plan may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. Hotspot. Mobile hotspot available as an addon.
  • $35/mo
  • $55/mo ! StraightTalk Ultimate Unlimited plan reserves the right to review an account at 60GB. Hotspot. 15GB mobile hotspot.
  • $25/mo
  • $30/mo
  • $40/mo

Wherever You Go, We’ll Keep You Connected

Get Reliable, Nationwide Coverage on the T-Mobile 5G Network


Your Favorite Plan Features, Free of Cost

Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text

Enjoy the benefits of staying connected with friends and family around the world.

Free Wi-Fi Calling*

In an area with no coverage? We’ve got you covered. You can use a Wi-Fi network to make and receive calls and text messages.

Free Mobile Hotspot**

Connect any hotspot-capable device to your phone's data signal for online access anywhere you go.

Free 3-in-1 SIM card or eSIM***

Get a free SIM card with your plan or activate in minutes with eSIM.

5G Speeds

Free 5G is included in all plans (compatible phone required). This stronger signal means even better connections and better call quality.

Free Roaming & Call Credit

Get free monthly International Calling Credit and a one-time International Roaming Credit on select plans.

Keep Loved Ones Close with Free International Features

International Calling to 90+ Destinations

Wherever your friends and family are, Ultra keeps you in touch. Free unlimited calling from the U.S. to 90+ destinations is included on all plans. Browse our 90+ list here.

Unlimited Talk & Text in Mexico and Canada*

Stay connected while traveling north or south of the border with Free Talk & Text in Mexico and Canada on 3GB plans and higher.

Unlimited Global Text

We offer Unlimited Global Text from the U.S. so you can stay connected with friends and family members wherever they are around the world.

We Care About Our Customers

  • Multilingual Customer Care Team
    • Supports English, Spanish and Mandarin speakers.
  • Account Management
    • Easily manage your account on the Ultra Mobile app or online.
  • Refer a Friend Program
    • For every person you refer to Ultra Mobile, both you and your friend will get a $25 renewal credit.
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We Make Switching Ultra-Easy

Step 1

Check Coverage

See if Ultra Mobile is right for you by entering your Zip code below.

Step 2

Bring Your Own Phone

Not ready to leave your phone behind? Use Ultra on your current phone and save.

Step 3

Purchase Your Plan

Select a plan and enjoy free shipping or instant eSIM digital delivery.

Step 4

Activate Your Plan

Whether you transfer your existing number or get a new one, our activation process is easy and free.

Ready to Get Started?

This tool will help you check your coverage and phone compatibility.


Have Questions?
We Have Answers

To find the closest Ultra Mobile Retailer, use our Store Locator.

At Ultra Mobile, we do not charge an activation fee.

Check your phone’s compatibility by clicking here.

Cell phones from nearly every manufacturer will work on our network as long as they are 4G VoLTE or 5G compatible and use a SIM card. If you already have a compatible phone, all you need to do is purchase an Ultra Mobile SIM kit.

If your 4G VoLTE or 5G compatible phone meets the following two criteria, your phone will work with Ultra Mobile:

Your phone requires a SIM card.

You have an unlocked phone.

If you begin your Ultra Mobile registration and your phone says, “Restricted” or “Contact Service Provider,” doesn’t allow you to make calls, or won’t grant access to your phone book, the phone is most likely locked. Contact your previous carrier to unlock your phone.

Check our 5G Coverage Map to find out if there is service in your area.

5G is the fifth generation of wireless network technology that will deliver faster download speeds and enhanced connectivity, providing us the potential to experience new, innovative technologies, and transform the way we live, work, and play.

To bring your 5G capable phone to Ultra Mobile, it must be unlocked and VoLTE compatible. To check compatibility, please visit:

You’ll access a nationwide 5G network you can rely on to keep you connected in more places. Our 5G coverage utilizes a 600MHz low band signal that reaches more cities and towns across America (based on analysis of leading 5G networks, July 2020).

We are here to help! Check your eSIM compatibility.

Dual SIM allows users to use two phone numbers at the same time. For example, you can use one number for business and another number for personal. You can have one number linked to an eSIM and one number linked to a physical SIM. eSIM-only devices, like iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max allow for two eSIMs on the same device.

An eSIM is just a physical SIM that has gone digital. Instead of physically inserting a SIM into your phone to join the Ultra network, you install an eSIM onto your phone. This means you don’t have to wait for your SIM to be delivered; you can activate it straight after purchase. If you’re new to Ultra, and have an unlocked, eligible phone you can choose eSIM at the time of purchase online or at an Ultra Mobile Retailer. Please use our store locator to find one near you.

Our Care Team is here to help every day from 6 am to 6 pm PST. The easiest way to contact us is through our helpful chatbot, which can connect you to a live agent. You can also give us a call at 1-888-777-0446 or dial 611 from your Ultra Mobile phone.

Yes you can. You have up to 45 days from your plan purchase date to activate your SIM. We will notify you before we deactivate it. Should you need ore time, please call our Customer Care Team at 1-888-777-0446 or dial 611 from your Ultra Mobile phone.

The best way to see how much data you need is to log into your current provider portal and check your monthly data usage. You can go also go to your phone’s settings (Settings > Cellular Data for iPhone, or for Android Settings Menu > Data Usage > Select Dates for Android) and check that way.

All Ultra Mobile plans include:

-Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text
-Unlimited Talk & Text to 90+ INTL Destinations
-Unlimited Talk & Text in Mexico and Canada (3GB plans and higher)
-Free Wi-Fi Calling
-Free Mobile Hotspot (3GB plans and higher)
-Free 3-in 1 SIM Card or eSIM Data allotment will depend on the plan purchased
Find out How Ultra Mobile Works.

If you are shopping around for a new device, look no further. You can shop for phones for sale or browse for Cellphone deals here. For in-person help, please visit a participating Ultra Mobile Retailer. To find a retailer near you, please check here.

If your device is not paid off, contact your current carrier so they can unlock your device. If it is paid off, the easiest way to check is by trying to swap SIM cards and checking for service.

Ultra Mobile runs on the T-Mobile Network, the largest 5G network

Existing Customers can switch to an eSIM by requesting a replacement eSIM via the Ultra Mobile App. Or at their nearest Ultra Mobile Retailer. If you have SIM Protect on, please be sure to turn it off first. Please contact our Customer Care Team at 888-777-0446 if you need help with switching.

Ultra Mobile does support eSIM, and you can activate an Ultra Mobile plan with an eSIM online or at a local Authorized Ultra Mobile Retailer. To locate your nearest Ultra Retailer, please use our store locator. If you are looking to replace your current eSIM, you can do so in the Ultra Mobile App or by contacting our Customer Care Team at 888-777-0446.

Ultra Mobile offers everything you want in wireless

Our plans offer more than just basic connectivity - they're packed with features designed to keep you connected without breaking the bank. For as low as $15/mo, you can enjoy essential services like Wi-Fi Calling and Text, and Unlimited Talk and Text, all powered on the T-Mobile 5G network. But that's not all - with Ultra Mobile, there are no contracts or commitments, giving you the freedom to choose what works best for you. Plus, our prepaid mobile plans come with extra perks like a Free Mobile Hotspot, Free 3-in-1 SIM Card and Free Unlimited Global Text. If you happen to have friends and family abroad, you'll be able to stay connected worldwide with international calling plans covering over 90+ countries. You can find our plans online or in-store, and with data options ranging from 250MB to Unlimited, we're confident that we got a plan that's right for you.