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Setting Up Your Phone

Setup Instructions

(complete the steps below after you've inserted your SIM card and activated your plan)

  • Go into your phone's Settings
  • Select Connections or Search Access Point Names
  • Select Mobile Networks
  • Tap Access Point Names (APN)
  • Tap the 3-dott menu in the top right > Reset to default
  • Select Add to enter the following information exactly as shown (Note: inputs are case sensitive)

    Cellular Data

    Name – Ultra
    APN – Wholesale
    Proxy – (leave blank)
    Port – (leave blank)
    Username & Password – (leave blank)
    Server – (leave blank)


    MMSC –
    Multimedia message proxy – (leave blank)
    Multimedia message port – 8080
    MCC – (do not change default values)
    MNC – (do not change default values)
    Authentication Type – (leave blank)
    APN Type – default,supl,mms,ia
    APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6
    APN Roaming Protocol – IPv4/IPv6
    MVNO typeGID
    MVNO value - (do not change default values)
  • Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner and select Save
  • Ensure that the new Access Point Name is selected
  • Restart your Android phone.After your phone powers back up, you can test these new settings by sending yourself a picture message.