Dialing a friend who lives outside the United States might seem intimidating at first, especially if you’ve never made an international call before. If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable way to stay in touch with loved ones around the world, you’ve come to the right place. After reading this article, you’ll know how to make international calls, how to send international text messages, how to get Ultra Mobile International Calling Credit and more. 

How to Dial Internationally from the U.S.

Step 1: Dial 011 

  • Known as the exit code, this sequence of numbers tells us you’re calling a number outside of the United States. Each country has its own exit code (easily found on the web) but let’s stick with the USA for this example.
    • Ultra-tip: Most smartphones know the exit code from where you’re calling. Input the “+” symbol to replace your exit code. You can dial “+” by holding down the “0” button on your keypad if you don’t see a “+” symbol. 

Step 2: Dial the country code 

  • Next, you’ll need to know the country code for your destination. It’s a unique, numerical tag assigned to every country that tells us where in the world you want to reach. Dial the country code after the exit code. You can find your destination’s country code here.

Step 3: Dial the local number (with area code if needed) 

  • Now you’re ready to input the phone number, just like you would when making a regular call. Double-check that your phone’s keypad looks something like this before you ring:

International Calling Dial Guide, it shows how to dial an international number: exit code, country code, area code then the local number

How Do I Send International Text Messages?

Sending international text messages follows the same steps as making an international call but with one difference. For destinations that use 10-digit dialing (all numbers on the North American Numbering Plan), enter the number as you would when sending a domestic text. For the rest of the world outside of North America, follow these steps to send international text messages: 

Step 1: Dial your exit code   

  • Ultra-tip: Remember you can replace your exit code with the “+” symbol. 

Step 2: Dial your destination’s country code   
Step 3: Dial the local phone number you want to message 

Texting is a great way to check in and share amazing moments with friends and family, and Ultra Mobile supports Unlimited Global Texting to 190+ International Destinations. Now you can send the text message to the international number of your choice.

Now that we’ve covered how international calling and texting works, let’s explore how Ultra Mobile’s international calling capabilities have you covered.

Is International Calling Free with Ultra Mobile?

chart titled How Our International Calling Compares that features 8 prepaid wireless companies international offerings

Ultra Mobile makes it easy and affordable to call and text internationally. You can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal and the best coverage. 

What is International Calling Credit? Do I Need It?

If you’re calling a destination outside of our included 90+ list of destinations, then yes, you will need International Call Credit to dial out. How much are international calls? Price varies by country, and you can see our full list of destinations and their rates here. You can purchase International Call Credit at any time and immediately receive a 25% bonus after purchase.

Here are 3 easy purchase methods:

  • Log In to Your Account Online 
    • You can purchase International Call Credit from your Ultra Mobile Account online at my.ultramobile.com/login
  • Open the Ultra Mobile App
    • International Call Credit can be purchased in the Ultra Mobile App too, available in the App Store or Google Play
  • Text “UpINTL” to 6700
    • You can also purchase International Call Credit through SMS. Just text the phrase “UpINTL” to 6700 and follow the instructions

Click here to check all of our international rates, so you can stay connected to friends and family worldwide.

A smiling girl that has headphones on and a white shirt looking at her phone titled International calling checklist with 2 steps

I’m Having Trouble Making International Calls

The solution is easier than you may think! Often, a quick visit to your Ultra Mobile Account will resolve the issue, so you can get back to calling. Here’s our international calling checklist to guarantee your calls and messages are going through: 

Check the Country Code 

A common cause of international calling issues is dialing the incorrect country code. Go back and make sure you input the correct digits for your call’s destination. Remember the correct order of codes: Dial the exit code, followed by the country code, then enter the local number you want to call. 

Add Funds to your Account 

If you’re calling a destination outside of our 90+ Unlimited International Destinations, you need to add the proper International Call Credit to your Ultra Mobile account balance. Here are 4 easy ways you can check your account balance:

  • Log in to your Account Online or In App
    • Logging in is the simplest way to get account information at any time
  • Text “BAL” to 6700 
    • You will receive a text message with all account balance information
  • Call Ultra Mobile Customer Care
    • Dial 611 from your Ultra Mobile phone to speak with Customer Care
  • Visit an Ultra Mobile Retailer 
    • Use our store locator to visit the closest Retailer near you for in-person help 

Let’s recap. Today we covered how to make an international call, how to dial from the United States, how to send international text messages, how to add International Call Credit and how to troubleshoot problems with international calling. Now you’re ready to start making international calls and sending international texts.

Keeping in touch with your loved ones shouldn’t be rocket science. That’s why wherever your friends and family are, Ultra keeps you in touch.