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Talk & Text Plan & SIM Kit

Plan Includes:

  • 250MB of 5G • 4G LTE Data
  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text
  • Unlimited Talk & Text to 90+ INTL Destinations
  • Mobile Hotspot Capable
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  • On the T-Mobile 5G Network
  • Free Wi-Fi Calling**
  • Free 3-in-1 SIM Card or eSIM**

Select Plan Duration:

Select SIM Type


*Not compatible with eSIM only devices (example: iPhone 14)

Check if your device is eSIM eligible


To ensure your phone is compatible with eSIM, please select your phone's brand and model before adding to cart.


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$ 15
1 Month of service
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Orange and Purple Sim Card

Ultra-Flexible Plan Renewal Options

When it's time to renew your plan, it's easy to make changes to your Ultra Mobile plan.

1. Select Plan Cycle

Log into your account online or in the Ultra Mobile app to renew into a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month plan and keep your savings going.

2. Choose Your Data Amount

Track your data usage in the Ultra Mobile App. At renewal, you can easily switch to a larger or smaller data plan if you need to.

See why people love Ultra Mobile

Woman holding phone

Been with Ultra for a total of 4.5 years now. Love it! It’s one of the cheapest providers out there and the plans fulfill my requirements. Especially the free international calls!

Palash B.

I have been with Ultra for 7 years and the service is absolutely great. I get mobile service everywhere in the city and even in neighboring states.

Sathvik K.

Good coverage and data speed...overall great value!

Anagha C.

We were in and around Florida for our vacation and found the coverage for 5G and phone services was fabulous.

John W.

Coverage was great all along the East Coast from Maine down to Florida. I really recommend their service.

Wilmer T.

Very good service, easy and convenient to buy the SIM card and install.

Bin G.

Best rates anywhere that I could find. Love the ease of choosing & changing my plan. Love the prepaid rates.

Nina P.

Easy purchase, fast shipping, and easy activation.

Douglas G.

Everything works really well and it's a way better value than any other plan I could find.

Mike H.

I absolutely love the fact that international minutes were included in my plan. It made calling my mom back home in Jamaica convenient.

Ashara D.

I love how easy it is for you to make international calls and add international minutes.

Steve M.

Great annual rate with free international calls to certain countries included...Absolutely perfect for my needs.

Thomas K.

Good service and value with international calling.

Jason S.

The process from purchase to activate the SIM card was quick and easy. I have absolutely no problem with the cellular connections for voice and data.

Peter L.

Great annual rate with free international calls to certain countries included...Absolutely perfect for my needs.

Thomas K.

I love this item. It’s cheap, easy to use and free to call my friends whom live in China.

Quan L.

Very easy process from start to finish. Everything works really well and way better value than any other plan I could find. International calling a real bonus.

Mike H.

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Have Questions? We Have Answers.

With our Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program, you can easily get Ultra Mobile service on your current device. Compatible BYOP devices include: Most unlocked, VoLTE compatible phones AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Simple Mobile, Straight Talk and MetroPCS phones Most phones with a SIM card You may need to ask your carrier to unlock your phone. If you’re still not sure if your phone will work with Ultra Mobile service, visit Once there, enter your phone’s brand and model, U.S. for country and, under “Carrier,” choose Ultra Mobile. (This, however, does not guarantee if the device is unlocked or that the phone will work with our service).

An unlocked phone is a phone that is not tied to a carrier or a phone plan. It allows you to move freely to choose the best provider for you.

For plan purchases made on

Ultra Mobile will honor returns for SIM cards within 10 days of order purchase. It must be returned in its original unopened packaging and the SIM card must not be activated. Refunds will be processed within 15 business days after we receive the returned SIM card. For questions concerning returns or exchanges for website purchases, please contact us through our helpful chatbot, which can connect you to a live agent.

For our phone return policy:

Please visit for more information. Plan, SIM card and phone purchases made outside of are not be covered by these return policies. Please refer to the return policy of the business you purchased from.

At Ultra Mobile, we do not charge an activation fee.

Yes, you can transfer your existing number from your current carrier. To authorize the release of your phone number to Ultra Mobile, you will need the following information from your current carrier: your account number, the corresponding PIN code, and your billing zip code. Your account number can generally be found on your billing statement, or acquired by contacting your provider’s customer service department.

Phone number transfers can take up to 24 hours to complete, but most transferred numbers are fully activated within 8 hours. Landline to mobile ports can take up to 10 business days to complete.

Please contact customer service at 1.888.777.0446 or chat with us on our website if you need any help.

Check your phone’s compatibility by clicking here.

Cell phones from nearly every manufacturer will work on our network as long as they are 4G VoLTE or 5G compatible and use a SIM card. If you already have a compatible phone, all you need to do is purchase an Ultra Mobile SIM kit.

If your 4G VoLTE or 5G compatible phone meets the following two criteria, your phone will work with Ultra Mobile:

Your phone requires a SIM card.

You have an unlocked phone.

If you begin your Ultra Mobile registration and your phone says, “Restricted” or “Contact Service Provider,” doesn’t allow you to make calls, or won’t grant access to your phone book, the phone is most likely locked. Contact your previous carrier to unlock your phone.

Domestic long distance calling is included in all Ultra Mobile plans.

Yes, you can change your plan length and/or data amount.

In Your Online Account: Sign into your account and select the “Manage Plan” section. Once you select your desired plan and add-ons, click “Continue.”

Through Ultra Mobile Customer Care: To have one of our Customer Care representatives help you change your Ultra Mobile plan, please call 1.888.777.0446.

Please note that immediate plan changes to plans of lesser value are available at the end of your current billing cycle.

A payment cycle is a 30-day cycle that starts the day you activate or the day you renew your service.