6GB Plan & Sim Kit

  • 6GB of 5G • 4G LTE Data
  • Unlimited Talk to 80+ INTL destinations
  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Global Text & Data
  • $5 Monthly ILD Credit
  • 1-time $5 INTL Roaming Credit
  • Mobile Hotspot Capable
  • Data speeds reduce after 6GB but data is unlimited
Limited time offer. Only available on single-month plans. Taxes, fees and shipping extra. Other restrictions apply. See full terms for more details.
Plan Duration:
$ 23.20
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“I have used Ultra Mobile since 2012. They offered an excellent service; I have never had coverage problems at all along the East Coast from Maine down to Florida. I really recommend their service.”
Verified Ultra Customer - 8 years 15GB Plan
“Been with Ultra for a total of 4.5 years now. Love it! It's one of the cheapest providers out there and the plans fulfill my requirements. Especially the free international calls!”
Palash B.
Verified Ultra Customer - 4.5 years

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Click here for instructions on setting up WiFi Calling & Text on your iOS device. Android devices:

You can set your Android device up for WiFi Calling & Text by doing the following:

Go to your phone’s “Wireless and Networks” settings
Select the “More” or “More Networks” option
Find WiFi Calling & Text, and enable it
You can set your WiFi Calling & Text Preferences by doing the following:

Tap “WiFi Calling & Text” (not the “Enable/Disable” button)
Tap “Connection Preferences”
Choose from:

WiFi Preferred – If a WiFi network is available, your phone will use the WiFi network rather than the cellular network
Cellular Network Preferred – Your phone will use a WiFi network for calls only if no cellular network is available
Never Use Cellular Network – Your phone will only use WiFi networks for calls
Next, you’ll need to activate WiFi Calling & Text on your Ultra account by doing one of the following:

Log into your online account
Visit the nearest Ultra Retailer
Call 1.888.777.0446 to speak with Customer Care

Domestic long distance calling is included in all Ultra Mobile plans.

All Multi-Month Plans include Unlimited Calling to 80+ International Destinations. These destinations are the same as our Single-Month Plans and can be found in our International Destination List.

In order to provide the lowest price, we require the plan to be paid in full at the time of sign up.

No, subscribers can keep their current SIM when switching in and out of Multi-Month Plans.

Yes, you can change your plan length and/or data amount.

In Your Online Account:
Sign into your account and select the “Manage Plan” section. Once you select your desired plan and add-ons, click “Continue.”

Through Ultra Mobile Customer Care:
To have one of our Customer Care representatives help you change your Ultra mobile plan, please call 1.888.777.0446.

Please note that immediate plan changes to plans of lesser value are available at the end of your current billing cycle.

A billing cycle is a 30-day cycle that starts the day you activate or the day you renew service.

uTalk can be added to any Single Month or Multi-Month plan for an additional $10 per month.