Ultra Mobile numbers are now a local call worldwide

Call Me

Ultra Mobile makes it even easier for you to stay connected to home. Tell family & friends overseas that your Ultra Mobile number works like a local call using Call Me Free.

Here's How It Works

  • Share Call Me Free numbers with family and friends worldwide.
  • To call you, they first dial a local Call Me Free number.
  • We answer and prompt them to enter your Ultra Mobile number.
  • We connect them to you as a free international call.

Find and share Call Me Free Numbers

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Call Me Free

Does Call Me Free come standard on all plans?

Yes. All Ultra Mobile plans include Call Me Free.

Is there a limit to the amount of Call Me Free minutes a user has?

No. Currently we are offering unlimited access to Call Me Free for both international users making calls and Ultra Mobile subscribers receiving calls.

Is there a cost to call Call Me Free access numbers?

Our Call Me Free access numbers are regular landline numbers around the world. Anyone who calls them will incur whatever costs they normally have for making calls to landlines in that city. Some callers may have included minutes, free local calling, nights and weekends or other options in their phone service that makes calling these numbers free. We cannot determine that.

It is the responsibility of the calling party to understand and assume any costs associated with calling our local numbers. Call Me Free makes the international leg of the call free, but it does not cover the cost of the local leg of the originating call.

Is there any additional cost to Ultra Mobile subscribers to receive Call Me Free calls?

No. Call Me Free service comes standard on all of our plans. There are no additional costs to receive Call Me Free calls.

Do incoming Call Me Free calls count against my international credit?

No. Call Me Free calls are inbound calls that don’t count against your international credit. They are included as part of your plan.

Can an Ultra subscriber use Call Me Free to call from the US to the world?

No. Call Me Free is designed for people outside the US to call our subscribers. It cannot be used the other way around. If an Ultra subscriber calls a Call Me Free number, it will count as an international call against their credit.

How can someone find Call Me Free access numbers?

We encourage Ultra Mobile subscribers to share Call Me Free numbers with friends and family around the world. Access numbers will be available online, through the dealer portal, and by December through in-store brochures.

Why do you have numbers in some countries but not others?

There are two reasons why we may not have coverage in a country:

  1. Telecom regulations in that country do not allow us to buy phone numbers or offer this service.
  2. We can get access numbers, but call quality does not meet our standards.
Can you add cities to a country that has Call Me Free numbers?

In some cases, yes. If there is sufficient demand for an access number in a specific city, we can check for availability and add that number if its available.